Bottled Water Ministry

The County of Ventura has designated us in the “Red Tier” for the Covid-19 pandemic. This will allow us limited, in-person gatherings. As circumstances permit, we will gradually open up our various ministries. Please see below for meetings, protocols and methods for this ministry. Thank you for your patience and understanding.
Jim Duran
Lead Pastor

Do you feel like sharing life with others?  This ministry focuses on the nightlife.  A team of people gather in front of some very popular nightclubs in Ventura to pass out bottled water and free pizza.  This takes place on the first Friday of every month.  The passing out of water and free pizza opens the door to unlimited possibilities to share life.  We pass out water from Midnight to 2:00am.  We will have transportation available for those who are too intoxicated to drive.  This ministry has a very little time commitment but is powerful in reaching those looking for more.  Please email us at for more information!

*Please note that due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation, the Bottled Water Ministry has suspended operations. Thank you very much for your understanding!*