“Overcoming Loneliness”

This week's message is for anyone who has ever asked the question, "God, do You see me? Does anyone see me, or am I simply alone?" Every human heart is searching for the answers to these questions. The answer is "Yes, you are seen, loved, valued and made for relationship." We will be traveling behind the scenes to meet up with a young slave girl named Hagar; she has often taken a backseat, and perhaps you have felt that way, too. But El Roi, the God who sees us all, brings her out of her lonely and desperate situation to the front stage! God did not do it just for Hagar; when He enters your story, you will see that you also are not alone. We're heading to the desert, in Genesis 16, a place where we will encounter the "The God Who Sees You." Please join us this Sunday as Pastor Judy Morelli teaches on Overcoming the Obstacle of Loneliness at 9 AM.  Tune in  on FacebookYoutube or on our Website for our live-stream service.