“Overcoming Depression”

This Sunday, Pastor Jim Duran is going to discuss a subject that has brought pain to many people. It has gotten to the point that they are identified with their pain. They talk about it all the time: “This hurts… That hurts… This isn’t going well… That’s not going well.” And we set ourselves up for depression. Today, depression is known as the “common cold” of emotional problems. It’s that prevalent! In fact, one in eight people in America suffer chronic depression. Some people struggle with depression because of a chemical imbalance or a physiological problem. But for most people, it’s really more of an emotional illness. This is what Pastor Jim will address this Sunday by teaching on Overcoming the Obstacle of Depression. Please join us on Facebook, Youtube or on our Website for our live-stream service at 9 AM this Sunday morning as Pastor Jim Duran continues with the series "Overcoming Obstacles" with his message "Overcoming Depression".