“Overcoming Pride”

We want you to understand that there is good kind of pride.  When you strive to give your best effort, that is not a sinful thing...in fact, we believe that God is disappointed in us when we don't give our best effort, because it can ruin our testimony.   So, there is a good pride, but there is also sinful pride, and you don’t need to go far into God’s Word to find the sin of pride. Genesis 3 recounts for us the fall of Adam and Eve. Their fall was the direct result of pride taking root in their hearts. Sinful pride is so very dangerous, because once we have been taken by it, we still think we are in the right; our pride clouds our reality and keeps us from recognizing what we have become.  Pride is dangerous, because it can be present without us realizing it.  For example, if you think you don’t have an issue with pride, then you need to tune in this Sunday on FacebookYoutube or on our Website for our live-stream service at 9:00 AM as Pastor Jim Duran addresses "Overcoming the Obstacle of Pride".