“Overcoming Stress”

Today more than ever, people's lives are filled with all kinds of pressure, stress and fear! COVID-19 has really changed everything that we knew as "normal." Everything's changed: From online school at home, to the loss of jobs, fear of succumbing to the COVID-19 virus, not being able to travel as freely as we would like, beaches, parks, restaurants, malls, hair salons, barbershops - all closed. Even churches have been closed! Who would have imagined? Everyone has been affected by this pandemic, which has caused a lot of stress, in one form or another. In our teaching this Sunday, from Matthew 6:25-34, the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus brings a message of hope to a people who were facing a lot of the same kind of challenges we are today. This teaching offers "A Cure For A Stressed-Filled Life." Please join us on Facebook, Youtube or on our Website for our live-stream service at 9:00 AM this Sunday morning as Pastor Robb Hattem continues with the series "Overcoming Obstacles."