We Connect People
to Jesus and Each Other

The Church, the Body of Christ, is more than a building - in fact, it has nothing to do with a building. It is the sum total of all the souls the Lord God Almighty has called to that place to serve Him, worship Him and love Him. We are a people knit to the heart of God through a relationship with Christ the Messiah.

We are an imperfect people serving a perfect God. So, if you are imperfect, the good news is, is that you will fit in perfectly. The River Community Church is perfect for you if you're the kind of Christian who loves God and loves people. Heck, it's even perfect if you don't like people, because God isn't done with any of us yet, right?

About The River

There are two parts to the story of The River Community Church – the rich legacy of the works of God, which began almost a century ago and the history and direction of The River Community Church. This property has seen a move of the power of God on many, many occasions as it was home to one of the earliest Foursquare churches; it has witnessed miracles and seen signs and wonders that build the faith of those who hear them.

First, to the property. The original church, Ventura Foursquare, was founded in 1925 by Pastor Fred Warren, Sr.  During the next decade, the church purchased the property at the current location, moved the existing Victorian home to the rear of the property and added the Sanctuary to the front and the Chapel to the side.  This building was dedicated on May 12, 1939 by the founder of the International Church of the Foursquare Gospel, Aimee Semple McPherson.

Throughout the early history of the church God healed people who had all kinds of serious ailments from tumors to abscesses…even raising a young girl from the dead. This resulted in a genuine and enormous revival. Souls were saved and people were baptized in the Holy Spirit by the dozens!  This church even helped birth an entire denomination. A young, pregnant mother was recently saved and began attending the church.  When her daughter became ill, the mother brought her to the church, instead of the hospital. The young girl, who had stopped breathing, was prayed over by the pastor, and she came back to life! The mother said that she would dedicate the child she was carrying to the service of the Lord. That child was Chuck Smith, founder and chief pastor of Calvary Chapel, until his passing in 2013.

Second, to the founding of The River Community Church. The church grew out of a Bible study at East Ventura Foursquare Church, led by Jim and Pam Duran in 2003. The next year, Pastor Jim and Pam started The River Community Church. They met in homes, schools and various other venues – confident that the Lord would give them a building when HE was ready, because they believed that the Lord did not want them in serious debt – that His purposes could, and often are, accomplished without a building. Their godly patience was rewarded in 2012 when they received a call from their District Supervisor offering this iconic building steeped in the move of God to Pastor Jim, Pam and The River congregation. They graciously accepted, and the rest is history.

Today, The River continues the rich legacy it inherited by loving God and loving people. Please join us one Sunday; we’d love to hear your story!

Our Core Values:

  • Loyalty – We will never give up on you. As long as you are willing, we will be your partners in life.
  • Salvation – We believe that everyone has the choice to choose salvation. We are committed to bridging the gap between people and God.
  • Relationships– We know that our families are a gift from God and our goal is to partner with them in having a strong and healthy household.
  • Compassion – We believe that everyone needs a place to grow spiritually without fear of being judged. Our doors are open for all who choose to walk through them.
  • Personal Development– We are a community of servers that are committed to help others in developing their God-given vision.

Mission Statement:

  • The purpose of The River is to serve all walks of life, a place where all can feel welcomed.
  • This is an environment where anyone can come and not feel threatened whether you read the Bible on a daily basis or have never even opened one.
  • The River is a place where one can serve as well as be served. A location where one can learn about Jesus Christ and then share Him.
  • Our vision is “Partnering with others to help them enhance their quality of life.”
  • We believe God has created and gifted ALL people and our purpose is to equip them in order to live out God’s purpose for their life.
  • The goal is to move people further along their journey with Jesus Christ than when they first entered The River.

What We Believe

God is Good

We believe that there is one living and true God, eternally existing in three persons, that these are equal in every divine perfection and that they execute distinct but harmonious offices in the work of creation, providence and redemption.

Nothing is Impossible

With God all things are possible. Cancer? God can heal that! More month than money? God can provide! Past hurts that haunt your present? God can wipe that away! God can transform you in ways you cannot comprehend!

We are Significant

We matter to God, period. So much so, that HE sent His only begotten Son, so that we may be reconnected to Him, whom we lost contact with all those generations ago.

We Do Life Together

No man (or woman) is an island. The Lord designed the Christian life to be done in community. The richest life is one that is lived with people who get up in the morning overjoyed that they get to serve the Lord with other Christians.

Showing Visible Love

Our salvation is not defined by what we do – we cannot earn our way into heaven. What we do is an indicator that the Lord is working in us, much like baptism. We believe that a body of believers who don’t show tangible love is like a house without windows; It is not good for much.

Worship is a Lifestyle

Worship is more than gathering and singing once a week on Sunday. It is also more than alone time with the Father. Praise and worship is a lifestyle. Does our conduct bring the praise of God into the forefront? Do we act in a way that honors the Lord?

Still Have Questions?

Call us at (805) 648-7955.